Shipping Services

Dedicated Customer Service & Logistics

Our Texas expertise and history ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency, and compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.

Shipping Services Overview

Crossroads’ strategic location is instrumental in streamlining supply chains to Texas markets.  Because Crossroads sits at the intersection of rail and highway systems, we can provide exceptional efficiency with multimodal logistics. Leveraging a combination of rail and trucks speeds delivery and dramatically reduces costs.

Multimodal Savings

Our strategic relationships with BNSF and Union Pacific enable us to provide unparalleled efficiency getting your freight distributed to Texas markets.

Transloading & Cross-Docking

From rail to truck to your destination in no time flat. We’re experts at getting your products to market and reducing your supply chain costs.

Our Supply Chain Advantage

Leveraging rail to access Texas is strategic because you can go from a port-of-call to our distribution facility with 4x the capacity of a tractor trailer while bypassing highway congestion.

Lumber On Demand

Crossroads 3PL provides unparalleled efficiency with inbound rail shipments and Crossroads 360 Carriers provides outbound delivery to job sites and lumber yards across Texas.

On-Time Pick-Up and Delivery

We provide freight pick-up, delivery and line haul services with our reliable fleet of tractor trailers. Our experts and technology mitigate delays due to traffic.

We're Ready to Help

With a history dating back more than a century and providing distribution to the Texas cotton industry, Crossroads 3PL has a culture of customer service. We pride ourselves on working hard to help you solve logistical challenges.

Indoor Storage Space will be Available Beginning Q2 2024!